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Electrification - Battery Modeling

Modeling battery systems and improving performance with simulation and optimization

In this webinar, we explore the complex problem of battery systems design, testing and analysis for electric vehicles.

As automotive companies race to electrify their portfolio, battery innovation is one key to gaining a competitive edge. With increasing demands for flexibility and less and less time for physical experimentation, simulation has become not a luxury but an absolute requirement.

Answers to your complex engineering problems

Discover solutions to help you meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers and be positioned to compete on battery cost, range, charging time, safety, performance, and overall life.

In this webinar on battery modeling, you will learn how to:

- Simulate battery technology, from the electrochemical performance at a molecular level to a full systems analysis.
- Build and analyze a battery pack and its liquid coolant thermal management system.
- Conduct a design optimization study to improve performance of battery systems.

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